BetterAdrena Privacy Policy

Stored Data

All data is stored in your computer's browser. Data is not synced to a cloud service.

Browser permissions

BetterAdrena requires access to certain functions of your browser and doesn't access external websites

Phoning home

BetterAdrena does not check home to our own/managed servers. However, browsers will check their own extension servers to see if a new version of BetterAdrena is available. No data about you is sent to the BetterAdrena team nor is it stored.

External assets

BetterAdrena load some stylesheets by default. They cannot be overwritten in options by this time.


Why does my browser tell me you need access to my history, various other permissions, etc?

Any extension ever made technically "has access to your browsing history", because it is running in your browser and needs to be able to see what URL you're on so it knows what to do. BetterAdrena doesn't do anything with this history, and doesn't record it. Furthermore, it doesn't access your "past history" at all.


BetterAdrena needs "tabs" permission to open new tabs when you click links (e.g. keyboard commands that open a link in a new tab) -- this permission does NOT mean that BetterAdrena can "see what's in your tabs"...

Another websites

BetterAdrena may need access to other websites that isn't the default Adrenaline url (like the old adrenaline uol host). Most of the time, these urls are part of Adrenaline stack.

Be absolutely assured that BetterAdrena does nothing malevolent with the permissions that you grant it. If you're still unsure, BetterAdrena is open source and you can inspect the code for yourself on github.

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